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Since 1993 “Inteltehstroy” CJSC has been fulfilling construction works of any difficulty level: from building of a small pavilion to a large industrial enterprise.
“Inteltehstroy” CJSC implements capital construction, complete overhaul, renovation, rearrangement of working areas, fulfills work packages on interior furnishing
Years of the efficient operation gave the engineering staff and managers of the company wide experience of the project management.
One of the main activities of “Inteltehstroy” CJSC is a “turnkey” construction of the industrial and warehouse facilities using modern framings, heat insulating and decorative materials
Building solid constructions “Inteltehstroy” CJSC often cuts stuff and transportation costs due to its own technical facilities, competent personnel and long-term connections with suppliers of building materials.



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194100, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya ul.7
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“Inteltehstroy” Holding is a construction company.
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