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“Inteltehstroy” CJSC implements the following construction projects:
•    Skeleton-type building;
•    Modular building;
•    Capital monolithic construction.

“Inteltehstroy” CJSC guarantees complete and qualitative implementations of all kinds of works to the schedule of the Customer thanks to highly skilled specialists, manufacturing capacities and wide experience in construction.
At the stage of negotiations our specialists warn our Clients against possible risks connected to the project planning and budgeting, helping to adjust an implementation of the plan, tackling different tasks.
“Inteltehstroy” CJSC  can perform functions of a Customer:
•    Preparation and reception of planning consents for design and survey works;
•    Acquisition of the technical specifications for network connection or carry over construction footprint;
•    Preparation and acquisition of planning consents for construction;
•    Presentation of a Client in municipal and district departments and commissions of experts.

Functions of a Contractor General:

•    Management of a construction works;
•    Quality and follow-up control of building and assembly jobs;
•    Development of a construction schedule, financing regulations and labor force movement;
•    Acquisition process for all necessary building materials and equipment;
•    Engineering supervision of a construction;
•    Paper work for executive documentation;
•    Realization of substantial completion of an object to the State Commission and preparation of documents for further transfer into the ownership of the Customer.

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“Inteltehstroy” Holding is a construction company.
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