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Engineering, Industrial engineering

“ITS – Project Ltd” provides a full range of activities in the field of structural and industrial engineering, starting from the development of preliminary design stage, cost benefit analysis of engineering and finishing with design approval  in town hall and inspections, engineering observation.

The presence of our own team of architects, designers and engineers  makes possible to maintain control under the construction projects, its quality  and design work completeness, provided by  project’s manufactories  as a part of business plan and volume planning options,  guaranteed the best economic  project performance figures.

The principle of project group is highly skilled experts in the field of industrial engineering. The qualification level of our engineers confirmed by the state certificate of Federal licensing center.

Among our projects are completed orders for industrial and manufacturing systems, design of storage, transportation and administrative systems, projects of private houses, buildings, design of internal systems and structures.

Due to a well-organized co-operation of all departments of the company, we can provide maximum efficiency of the design process and reduction of a design approval term.

“ITS –Project” Ltd has a license of the first and the second level of responsibility for a building design and construction.

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“Inteltehstroy” Holding is a construction company.
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