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Being the initiator of various real estate development projects, we work
in the following areas:

 -   Redevelopment – the  conversion of existing properties
to  completely new object with its possible functional transformation;
-   Classic development - the conversion of undeveloped land to  functional properties;
-   Land development – conversion of undeveloped lands to engineering   prepared zone,
 detailing of integrated development of an area.

Each development project is unique. Prior to the implementation of the investment
project, it is important to pay special consideration to consulting and real estate development  that provide the basis of a highly liquid object  that meets world-wide technical and quality requirements.

 Analysts and experts of the Group of Companies "Inteltehstroy"   are ready to provide a real estate
consulting services in its different segments.

 - Investment prospects  and optimal land use analysis
- Marketing research of a real estate item.
- Real estate item concept development
- Formation of business plan  investment project
- Develop a marketing strategy to promote a real estate item  
- Investment offer development service of a specific investment project.

 Real estate consulting offered by the company, is a range of works executed at a high level.


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“Inteltehstroy” Holding is a construction company.
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