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About us

         The group of companies in "Inteltehstroy" was established to sell the investments in the field of re-profiling industrial institutions and lead them to a new construction footprint, as well as to provide a full range of services in development, design and construction, from land selection to the commissioning of the facility.

The main aim of the group of companies "Inteltehstroy" is in the field of real estate. “Development and construction is a qualitative transformation or a creation of a new property in accordance with the needs of the market.”


 The group of companies "Inteltehstroy" offers the following:

Transferring and upgrading industrial buildings, facilities and other enterprises. 

Building new industrial and public buildings. 

Reconstructing of existing buildings, structures and areas with the latest technology.


The group of companies "Inteltehstroy" are:

"Inteltehstroy" CJSC – general contract, customer functions

"ITS - Project" LLC- structural and process engineering, general projects

"Inteltehstroy" LLC - contract work


            This acts as a major advantage, as our company offers the whole service in both the developing and building of the entire desired project. As a result, this saves time and lowers the total cost of the project.


194100, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya ul.7
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“Inteltehstroy” Holding is a construction company.
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